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We hate spam as much as you do.

The email addresses of our customers, friends, and visitors who contact us via email are never sold, rented, or loaned to any other individual or organization for any purpose, period.

We do not use "Cookies" on this web site.  While cookies are harmless, and only collect general information about a visitor's preferences, such as the various pages visited or the domains from which the visitor is referred, we're in the business of raising the finest poultry possible, and not in profiling our visitors surfing habits.  We already know folks visiting our site are interested in healthy food - that's why they've come to us!

Newsletters -  We don't currently have an electronic newsletter, but may wish to start one some time in the future.  If we do, you may be contacted ( one time only ) and asked if you wish to be included.  Many of our customers have asked us to let them know when our free-range turkey harvest has begun in the fall.

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- and that's a promise!

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